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25 Powerful Affirmations to Start Living Your Best Life

You most likely heard that affirmations are powerful for your mental health and they ease the path to manifest your objectives for a better life. But how you use them is just as important as what type of affirmations you use. These affirmations should resonate with your inner nature in a way that they bring out the best in you and help you use your qualities to reach the success you aim for in everything you do. 

If you are new to this wellness method, we gathered the best affirmations to help you start improving your life by using them daily. Keep reading to find out what are these affirmations and how you can use them for a better mindset and a more successful life! 

What Are Affirmations And How To Use Them? 

Affirmations are empowering statements and reminders that we tell ourselves and others to keep a healthy and positive mindset. But to enjoy the benefits of affirmations, you have to choose the ones that will align with you and your life. If you don’t believe what you tell yourself, you might feel worse in the long run. By using the wrong affirmations you will increase your frustration and anxiety every time you don’t seem to match them.  

Choose the affirmations that you can relate with to amplify the qualities you already have at your core. We are all unique beings and we are all gifted by the universe in different ways. The most powerful affirmations are those that echo what you already possess in terms of values and gifts so you can use them to become a better version of yourself. 

For these affirmations to be efficient, you will also have to use them daily so that they can have a positive impact on your mind. Feel free to write the most important ones for you in your journal or save them in your phone. You might find yourself coming back to them when you feel lost or when you feel like your life is not heading in the direction that you wanted. 

So, affirmations are not used to convince yourself of qualities you don’t believe you have, but more of reinforcing those qualities that you already see in yourself. 

25 Powerful Affirmations To Start Living Your Best Life 

Choose the affirmations that resonate with yourself from the list below and even add your own once you get used to the way these magical statements work. Repeat your affirmations or simply read them during your morning routine and try to focus positive energy on each one of them. Once you get used to using such affirmations during your daily life, you will find in them a source of great strength. 

1. Today, I am filled with positive energy and I choose to spread it around me to improve not only my life but the life of others as well.

2. I am happy and grateful for what I have and I am working to achieve more on my way to success.

3. I have all I need to create the life I dream of and build a better and healthier environment around myself. 

4. I am loved, I am loving, I am loveable. 

5. I am on my way to becoming the best version of myself.

6. I am grateful to be alive and discover the blessings of a new day. 

7. Today I choose to be happy and grateful for what I am and what I have and I will have a prosperous day. 

8. I am confident in myself and I choose to use my qualities to improve my life. 

9. My life is going in the right direction as I am doing my best to stay faithful to my true self.

10. I am worthy of love and happiness and I will not settle for anything less. 

11. I believe in myself and my abilities to succeed in everything I set my mind on doing.

12. I am grateful for the people I have in my life and I will allow other positive people to enrich my existence with their presence. 

13. Today I choose to make a positive difference in the world.

14. I am attracting financial abundance through my work and faith in my skills.

15. I am making the best out of my time and my talents to improve my life and the world around me. 

16. I am attracting the love I put out and I am accepting the Universe’s plan with grace. 

17. I am in charge of my life and I have all it takes to achieve my goals should I choose to be invested in my objectives.

18. I am open to accepting the endless possibilities that each day brings. 

19. I deserve to have a fulfilling life and a secure environment around me. 

20. I love myself just the way I am and I believe in my full potential. 

21. If I put in the work, the Universe will put in the magic and I will reach my objectives faster. 

22. I am going to reach the financial comfort I want, to live at the level I want to be at.

23. I embrace my qualities as well as my shortcomings, and I believe in my power.

24. I am a strong and confident person, and I express that in everything I do.

25. The dreams I want to achieve are already mine and all I have to do is work my way towards them. 

Final Thoughts 

Choose the affirmations that you resonate with the most from the list above and, make sure you use them constantly so they can have the effect you want them to have on your mindset. Keep in mind that the most important things are the things you tell yourself daily and the things that you choose to believe about yourself. Feel free to create affirmations that will match your life and your unique qualities in a way that will bring you the success you deserve! 

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