College Halloween Costume Ideas for Girls

Halloween is one of the most popular holidays and there is no reason why you shouldn’t join in the fun wagon on the 31st of October! When you choose your Halloween costume, the sky is the limit. One of the reasons this holiday became so loved all over the world is the ability to try out any type of costume and feel amazing.

We put together some of the most catchy Halloween costume ideas that you might want to try. Pick that one that compliments your image the best and astonish everyone this Halloween!

Best College Halloween Costume Ideas For Girls 

If you like to create things, you can take the chance to create your own Halloween costume. However, even if you are not a very crafty person, you can purchase most of these costumes already made and we added links to all the products to help you save even more time!

1. Sandy from Grease

If you like dancing and Grease, choose to be Sandy with her beautiful leather jacket, black leggings, and black shirt. You can put this costume together by yourself with what you already have in your closet and you probably will invest more in getting your hair done. If you don’t have these black apparel pieces in your wardrobe, know that you can find them easily in stores, and as long as you choose sizes that fit your body perfectly, you can’t go wrong. Pay attention to the make-up so the resemblance between you and Sandy will be as close as possible and your costume will be a success.

2. Britney Spears, “Baby, one more time” costume

For girls that are a fan of Britney Spears, there is nothing cuter than the costume that is made after her outfit in the “Baby, one more time” video clip. If you don’t want to create this costume from scratch by searching for each outfit piece individually, you can buy the One More Time outfit already made. You can find this costume in different sizes and in different stores and doing your hair shouldn’t be a hassle either. Make sure you take a look at Britney’s moves so you can impersonate her as well as possible.

Britney Spears

3. The M&M costume

Who doesn’t like M&Ms? Everyone heard and tried these candy and you can be a delicious appearance at your next Halloween party. M&M costumes are not complicated. Choose the type of color you want to be and a t-shirt that represents that, with the famous “m” on it. Of course, you can get as creative as you want and print your own t-shirt with the M&M pattern you want to represent but if you are more minimalistic, a costume like this Spirit Halloween Adult Green M&M Costume Kit with Suspenders should be perfect.

M&M costume

4. Three blind mice costumes

The three blind mice costumes are perfect for a group of three girls. You can choose these costumes so you can match your besties and be the sensational appearance you want to be at the Halloween party. You might want to purchase these costumes already made if you want the details to be perfect but they are easy to create from scratch as well if you have a sewing machine and some black fabric. A great option for such a costume is this Blind Mice Costume Kit that you can buy in as many copies as you want for you and your friends.

3 Blind mice costume

5. Wednesday Addams

If you want to get closer to the Halloween vibe and add some horror aspects to your costume, going for Wednesday from the Addams family is definitely one of the best options. What Wednesday is wearing is a black dress with a white-collar but you can add your personal touch to give it even more style as well. Left plain, this costume is still one of the most popular ones and you can find it already put together in stores fairly easy too. You could for instance purchase this Wednesday Addams costume that you can find in different sizes and with the right hairstyle, it will be just what you need to be the charming character from the movie.


6. The Nerd costume

Are you one of the nerd girls in your group? Celebrate this aspect of yourself with a nerd Halloween costume! When it comes to nerd costumes, the range is so wide that you will definitely have where to choose from. And putting together such a costume might be one of the easiest options you have, especially if you prepare it last minute. Get a pair of big glasses that stand out, some heavy books, and some nerdy clothes that scream the vibe of a good student. One of the most catchy nerd costumes, however, could be an Asian uniform with all the accessories included, such as this Japanese Uniform you can purchase.

Nerd costume

7. The Emoji costume

Emoji costumes are very popular during Halloween and you can choose whatever emoji costume you want. This idea might be more difficult to do by yourself so, chances are that you will have to invest in a costume that is already made and representative for you. A great option is this Unisex Emoji outfit and doesn’t be concerned about the size as it will fit you perfectly. But you can find a costume for almost any type of emoji so don’t be afraid to get as specific as you want.

emoji costume

8. Ghost costume

Nothing says Halloween more than a Ghost costume and creating such an outfit is also fairly easy and low-budget. All you need is a sheet and scissors so you can cut two holes in it for your eyes to look at your terrified friends. But this is the minimalistic version and you can add as many accessories as you want to give your costume the personality you aim for it to have. If you want to purchase a professional ghost costume, you can always choose the Cool ghost costume from Rubie’s store. But there are many versions you will come across when you are looking for the best ghost costume already made.

ghost costume


9. Hippie costume

Hippie costumes can also be very appreciated at any Halloween party as they send a great positive vibe and everyone will admire them. This is another costume that you can put together fairly easily with a bit of imagination and the right wardrobe. Hip glasses or sunglasses are a big plus for your hippie Halloween costume and if you have some baggy jeans, even better. You can purchase some accessories for this costume as well, in order to give it a more authentic vibe or you can get a hippie costume already made such as this gorgeous Women Hippie Costume Set that will attract everyone’s attention.

Hippie costume

10. Ying and Yang costumes

If you want to match your best friend or your boyfriend, you can always choose a Ying and Yang costume. You might need a Ying and Yang sign that you can share with your partner so your costume will be more obvious but other than that if you dress in white and they dress in black, that is pretty much all you need to put together idea of your couple costume. If you can’t find a Ying and Yang sign to split between you and your bestie, you can always choose a necklace with such a pattern and wear it even after Halloween.

yin and yang costume

11. Powerpuff trio

You and your friends could also choose to be the Powerpuff trio but this idea of costume will not make sense unless you are exactly three girls in the group. It is easy to create as long as you have a skirt and a top in the right color such as pink, blue or green and you can add the best accessories you find to match the famous characters from the cartoons. You can also invest in three different t-shirts with a Powerpuff girl image printed on them and get your costume based on that.

powerpuff trio

12. The mime costume

The Mime costume will attract many eyes towards you at a Halloween party. It is one of those interactive costumes as well since you can play a mime game with your friends too and be the main character. The makeup for this costume might be on your “to-do” lists but you can purchase the costume already made and skip all the hassle of putting it together from scratch. The Leg Avenue Women’s 3 Piece Marvelous Mime Costume is a great option when it comes to such a costume and you can purchase it in almost any size you want. Add some catchy accessories too in order to create a bigger impact!

mime costume

13. Pirate costume

Being a pirate for Halloween never gets old and you can be the cutest pirate at the party by simply putting an original costume together. You can use a redhead bandana, some black shorts, and a white top and your pirate costume are ready. But don’t forget about your sword as there is no pirate without one. However, if you want a more complex costume, you can choose one of the great selections you can find on the market. They come with different accessories and in different colors so you will fall in love with the options you will find. And we loved this Leg Avenue Women’s Black Sea Sexy Buccaneer Pirate Costume the most.

pirate costume

14. Barbie costume 

A Barbie costume is one of those costumes that you can’t fail with. Each Barbie costume is different, just like the doll comes in different outfits. But you put your costume together by yourself, all you need is a mini skirt and a tight top, in bright colors, preferably with a Barbie print on one of the outfit pieces so your intentions will become even more obvious. If you choose to buy such a costume, check out the different thematic Barbie costumes such as this Barbie Sports Costume that will get everyone’s attention for sure. You can also choose a Deluxe Barbie costume depending on the vibe you want to follow. All these costumes come in different sizes so you can get just the one that suits your body best.

Barbie costume

15. Starbucks costume

Being in college, you might be a regular customer of the Starbucks coffee shop in your area. If that is the case, why not wear a Starbucks costume this Halloween? There are so many options on the market when you are in the search of the perfect costume with this theme that you will even find it difficult to choose. You can choose a cute costume such as this Just Coffee costume or you can go for a more sexy dress that has the Starbucks colors and an accessory such as the Mermaid Crown Headband.

starbucks costume

Final Thoughts 

When you choose your Halloween costume, keep in mind that you can really set your imagination free and get as creative as you want. You don’t need to limit yourself to classic ideas unless you want to celebrate them in a minimalistic manner. But the ideas in this guide will definitely make you stand out from the crowd and you will attract plenty of attention during the party.

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